Thomas Custom Lures

Welcome to our gallery page. A big thanks to those who have shared pictures with us. We look forward to seeing lots more.

A nice bass caught on the Olive&Chartreuse flipping jig

Big Trout can't resist them!

The Bleach Blond Jig in action

Largemouth Bass on Deer Hair Jig

All on the White Deer Hair Jig

On White Deer Hair

Largemouth love these deer hair jigs!

Four pound bass on deer hair jig!

Chartreuse&Lime chatterbait

White Deer Hair Strikes Again!

The 4 pounder on the right was caught on a Deer Hair Jig

6 pounder!! on an Olive flipping jig

White Deer Hair strikes again!

Brown Trout on Mean Green

Caught on the Natural Deer Hair Jig

Nice largemouth bass!

Musky on a White Deer Hair Jig

Year round these deer hair jigs work!

Crappie love these Deer Hair Jigs

Muskie on a Black&Blue Deer Hair JIg

How bout this! Red fish on our flipping jigs!

Bass on a Chartreuse&Lime Chatterbait

Bass love these flipping jigs!

Another one goes for the Brown&Orange

Caught on a Brown&Orange flipping jig

Perch caught on White Deer Hair Jig

Bass love these Deer Hair Jigs!

Caught on the Brown&Orange Flipping Jig

Caught on the Mean Green

Crappie on a White Deer Hair Jig

Largemouth bass on a flipping jig

Mean Green in action

Caught on White Deer Hair Jig

Crappie on White Deer Hair

Trout love these deerhair jigs!!

Crappie love these deer hair jigs!

Caught all these on Deer Hair jigs in asst colors

Caugh this beauty on a Black deer hair jig

Mean Green doing its thing!